Everything you need to know before signing on the dotted line

Renting is easier and more accessible than ever before.

The whole process is now completely online and has been streamlined to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our process

Simply rent and
enjoy your home

1. Select your home

Which apartment is right for you? Simply sign up to view all of our developments to find the one you like best.

2. Book a viewing

Naturally, you will want to come and view the property.
We’ll take you on a private tour of the apartment you have chosen and show you all the shared amenities.

3. Check the terms and conditions

For your peace of mind, you can check all the requirements that must be met before you can rent your home.

4. Reserve your apartment

Once you’ve decided which apartment is the right fit for you, the next step is simply making a reservation.

5. Sign the lease

Once we’ve checked all the paperwork, we will invite you to come and sign the lease. Once this is done the apartment will be yours to call home.

Enjoy your new home!

Now the keys are yours, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new home.

Advantages of renting

Advantages of renting
with us

Renting a home with Sensia Residences always comes with additional benefits. Just for being a client of ours, you can benefit from discounts and special conditions on many services.

Rental requirements

All you
will need is

This is one of the main conditions for renting a property with us. Accreditation of Spanish nationality or proof of residency in Spain.

If you are renting the property for you and your family – your spouse and children – all you have to do is simply present your family record book.

It is important to submit a valid persona ID so that you can be correctly identified.

Submit a copy of your income certificate for the previous year and your last three pay slips or your last quarterly income certificate for the current year.

You must also accredit your income, either by submitting your pay slips or your last tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have
any questions

We are a property management company specialising in rental properties. We own all of the properties that we manage.

The security deposit is two months rent as set out in the Spanish Urban Leasing Act, and will be returned to the tenant within a maximum of one month following the end of the lease.

All properties include the use of the communal areas. Optional garage and storage room available.

Scoring is the automatic evaluation system used to determine whether a proposed rental is feasible or not. It combines all the information available in the database with all the data provided by the prospective tenant to calculate a score which indicates how feasible it is for this person to take on the corresponding rental payments. This method offers a consistent and objective assessment, evaluating everybody in the same and completely impartial manner.

The first thing we advise is that you send us a formal request by completing and submitting the online form, so that we can contact you quickly and offer you a more bespoke service. Once we have successfully contacted you, the sales agent will call you to arrange a visit and from there, guide you through the whole process until you find your new home.

A list of the required documentation can be found in the section terms and conditions for renting a property with us.

Every apartment comes brand new, meaning everything in the apartment is newly fitted and in full working order.

Yes. All apartments come unfurnished so that each tenant can decorate and furnish them to their own taste. Kitchens come fully equipped with all electrical appliances.

Our leases are usually for 7 years, with a minimum term of 6 months, as we are committed to long term rentals.

No, long-term tenancies are the only option currently available.

In order to rent a property, the total rent cannot exceed 40% of the total monthly net income of the party or parties signing the lease. All interested parties must also be rated by an independent company via the scoring process.

This depends on the extent of the changes you wish to make, no changes to the façade may be made or minor works carried out without prior express consent, however the tenant is allowed to decorate the property’s interior and affix shelves to the walls provided they are not tiled walls.

If you wish to terminate your lease, all you have to do is inform us two months before you wish to leave your apartment. The only thing to remember is that in order to do this, you must have already completed the six month mandatory term set out in the lease.

As soon as the lease agreement is signed, a 24h-hour customer service helpline is available for all our tenants.